Security, Environment and Quality

PROMINDSA has the strictest compliance and improvement in health, safety, environment and quality control as a first-line objective.

We control all our processes to meet every technical specification. However, our commitment goes beyond this compliance with specifications, our Quality Control Department rigorously evaluates and verifies the quality of our products daily.


At Promindsa, we work daily to accomplish the premise “Safety comes first”. The ISO 45001 certificate guarantees fulfilling with the essential legal and safety requirements in a sector as demanding as mining.


Our production process, being purely mechanical, reduces the environmental damages. Because of this, our natural origin products release up to9 times less CO2than the other equivalent synthetic oxides in the present market. Besides, from 2018, all the electric energy that PROMINDSA consumes is 100% from renewable origin. TheISO 14001certificate guarantees that we fully meet the most concerning environmental aspects as waste management, atmospheric emissions or recycling, striving every day to carry out our work in the most sustainable way possible.


The quality of our products is our business card. We carry out an exhaustive control of the production process from the extraction of the iron oxide, through the processing of the mineral and finishing with the packing and wrapping of our final products. Our quality requirements go beyond product quality, and our ISO 9001 certificate proves it.

LOGO ISO 14001