Technical Presentation: Anaerobia digestion and biomethane genaration in waste recycling plants


This 30TH of January our colleague from the Technical & Business Department, Bernardo Pons, participated in the technical presentations on anaerobic digestion and biomethane generation in waste recycling plants, which took place in Seville, with PROMINDSA as one of the organizers.

Bernardo offered a presentation on the use of natural mineral desulfurization reagents in anaerobic digestion plants. A perfect example of these reagents and their very positive results is our MICRONOX ON16, a product of 100% natural origin that is capable of capturing the hydrogen sulphide produced by the decomposition of organic materials processed in biogas plants, breaking it down into iron sulfide and Sulfur, non-toxic and usual components of fertilizers.

The day was a success, with the auditorium completely full of 140 professionals of the biogas sector.

MICRONOX ON16 in wastewater treatment stations

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