Did you know that…not all iron hydroxides are the same?


MICRONOX ON16, developed by PROMINDSA and commercialized for the first time in 2016, is a micronized product composed of iron oxides-hydroxides that can be added directly to the digester for a correct desulphurization at the beginning of biogas production process.

What makes the difference between our iron hydroxide and other ones on the market is its natural origin, with a purely mechanical extractive process in our own mines and without adding any type of chemical product. Its efficient and 100% renewable energy source production makes its carbon footprint considerably lower than the one from other desulphurization products on the market.

In addition, PROMINDSA makes an exhaustive quality control over all its products to guarantee, among other parameters, an accurate FeOOH composition and particle size, characteristics that condition the desulphurization process.


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