Micronox MIO 88: innovation and protection in the industrial sector


Micronox MIO 88: innovation and protection in the industrial sector

Discover how Micronox MIO 88, Promindsa’s micaceous iron oxide, is revolutionizing quality and efficiency standards in industrial applications thanks to its unique composition and properties.

What is Micronox MIO 88?

Description and composition

Micronox MIO 88 is presented in the market as a premium quality micaceous iron oxide, as a result of a meticulous selection and treatment process.

The high percentage of Fe2O3 content, over 95.7%, not only defines its quality, but also reinforces its functionality in various industrial applications.

Properties and benefits

The intrinsic properties of Micronox MIO 88, such as its natural origin, the homogeneity in the size and distribution of its particles and its lamellar structure, make it an exceptionally versatile and effective material.

These characteristics optimize its functionality, offering high anticorrosive and protective power, superior resistance to alkalis, stability to solar radiation and tolerance to high temperatures.

This set of properties ensures that it is the ideal solution to overcome the most demanding challenges in harsh industrial environments.

Applications of Micronox MIO 88

Applications in industrial paints, ceramics industry and plastics.

It has revolutionized the composition of industrial paints and plastics, providing unsurpassed protection against corrosion and deterioration.

In the paints sector, its inclusion significantly improves the service life of exterior and interior applications, resisting extreme conditions without compromising structural integrity or aesthetic finish.

In plastics, it improves thermal and UV resistance, expanding the possibilities for use in applications that demand durability and long-term stability.

Its great resistance to high temperatures makes it especially suitable for use in the ceramics industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main advantage of using Micronox MIO 88 in industrial paints?

Micronox MIO 88 increases the corrosion resistance and extends the life of industrial paints, ensuring long-lasting protection of metal substrates.

Is Micronox MIO 88 suitable for any type of plastic?

Micronox MIO 88 is versatile and can be incorporated into various types of plastic matrices, improving their thermal and UV resistance.

How does Promindsa ensure the quality of Micronox MIO 88?

Promindsa follows rigorous quality standards, including compliance with ISO 10601, according to which it is classified as GRADE A-TYPE 3, to ensure that Micronox MIO 88 meets our customers’ highest expectations.

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