EcoVadis Gold Medal


PROMINDSA received its first evaluation in 2016 from Ecovadis, at the request of two of its large clients, Hempel and Lanxess. Since then, the company has improved its scores until it obtained the silver medal at the end of 2020, thus becoming better positioned than 86% of the companies in its sector, metallurgical mining. Once this goal was achieved, the new short-term objective was to continue improving to surpass the score obtained and reach the gold medal.

Finally, after achieving the silver medal also in 2021 and 2022, in 2023 we proudly announce that we have achieved our goal of reaching the gold medal, which positions us above 93% of the companies in the sector. This certificate highlights PROMINDSA continued efforts to achieve higher standards in environmental and social responsibility.

The gold medal awarded by EcoVadis is the result of years of dedication to the implementation of sustainable practices, environmental innovation and commitment to community. The company has proved a global focus on sustainability, successfully working on key aspects such as reducing carbon footprint, efficient resource management and promoting ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

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