New company image


Dear customers & partners:

As a next step in the process of change developed by PROMINDSA for the last years, we now introduce you to a fresh and completely renewed image, an evolution that is not only aesthetic but it is a symbol of our ccontinuous commitment to innovation, excellence and constant improvement as a company.

A logo is much more than an image or a certain appearance, it is the visible face of a brand, an instant connection with clients and partners, something distinctive and inmediately recognizable that tries to transmit in each line everything that the company behind the mark represents. Therefore, developing a new brand design is more than an aesthetic mission, it is a meticulous process that implies that each line, color and shape must be carefully selected to communicate our fundamental values and guarantees an accurate representation of our identity.

With this change of image, after celebrating our fiftieth anniversary as a company, we are marking an inflection point in our business history, sending a clear message about our essence and future direction: PROMINDSA is mining, sustainability, environment, circularity, quality, evolution.

This is why our new corporate image is not simply a visual change, it is a manifest that communicates a purpose, to continue growing and evolving, as well as a commitment to the future. It is the beginning of a new stage for us, in which this logo not only represents what we are today, but also what we want to be from now on.

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