What are the main biogas producers in the USA?


What are the main biogas producers in the USA?

Biogas is establishing itself as a key solution for moving towards a sustainable and circular economy. In the United States, a variety of companies from different sectors are leading this transition, demonstrating the environmental, economic and social potential and benefits of biogas.

What is biogas and why is it important?

Biogas is produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic matter, generating a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. This process not only helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also transforms organic waste into valuable resources such as electricity, heat or fuel for vehicles.

What are the environmental benefits of biogas?

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction: Captures methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
  • Sustainable Waste Management: Converts organic waste into renewable energy, reducing the amount of waste in landfills.
  • Renewable Energy Production: Complements other renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind.

Leading Biogas Companies in the United States

These companies are at the forefront of adopting biogas technologies, from waste management to energy production.

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Biogas production in the United States

Sapphire Energy

Biodiesel and Bioturbosine Innovation

Located in San Diego, California, Sapphire Energy has taken a bold approach to energy sustainability by cultivating microalgae to produce biodiesel and bioturbosine. This approach not only stands out for its innovation but also for its potential to revolutionize the automotive and aeronautical markets.

Larson Dairy Inc.

Sustainable Solutions in the Dairy Industry

This livestock company transforms cattle manure into biogas through anaerobic digesters, demonstrating how the dairy industry can contribute to sustainable resource use and renewable energy production.

Hometown BioEnergy

Food and Agricultural Waste Utilization

With its plant in Le Sueur, Minnesota, Hometown BioEnergy produces biogas from agricultural and processed food waste, including sweet corn silage, potato waste and chicken manure. This project highlights the ability to convert various types of waste into clean energy.

Dominion Energy

Transforming the Energy Sector with Biogas

Dominion Energy is working with farms to capture methane from animal waste and convert it into biogas. This strategy underscores the company’s commitment to creating a cleaner, more sustainable energy cycle.


Investing in Biogas as a Renewable Fuel

Through strategic partnerships, Chevron is expanding its renewable energy portfolio to include biogas produced from agricultural waste and landfills, marking an important step toward a greener energy future.

Featured Biogas Production Companies in the United States

DVO, Inc.

DVO, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based company that specializes in the construction and operation of anaerobic digesters. These digesters convert organic waste, such as livestock manure and food waste, into biogas. DVO has successfully implemented projects at dairy farms, food processing plants and landfills. Their focus on sustainability and clean energy generation puts them at the forefront of the industry.

Waste Management, Inc.

Waste Management is one of the largest waste management companies in the United States. In addition to their focus on responsible waste disposal, they are also investing in biogas technologies. They operate several biogas plants across the country, where they transform organic waste into biogas and then use it to generate electricity. Their commitment to sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is noteworthy.

Smithfield Foods, Inc.

Smithfield Foods, one of the leading pork processors in the United States, has been leading the charge in biogas production. They have implemented anaerobic digestion projects on their hog farms, converting waste into biogas. This approach not only reduces odors and waste, but also generates renewable energy. Smithfield Foods is demonstrating how the food industry can contribute to the environment.

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas)

Although not a biogas producer per se, SoCalGas deserves special mention. They are a major supplier of natural gas in California and are investing in biomethane projects. Biomethane is purified biogas and can be injected directly into the natural gas grid. SoCalGas is leading the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable gas grid.

Other Initiatives

In addition to these companies, there are numerous farms, wastewater treatment plants and landfills across the United States that are adopting biogas technologies. These initiatives are contributing to waste reduction, renewable energy generation and climate change mitigation.

The Future of Biogas in the United States

Growing interest and investment in biogas technologies signals a shift toward a more sustainable economy. With government policy support and continued innovation, biogas has the potential to play a crucial role in the U.S. energy transition.

Government Policy and Support

The U.S. government encourages the adoption and development of biogas infrastructure through tax incentives and subsidies, recognizing its role in combating climate change.

Innovation and Technology Development

Research and development is essential to optimize biogas production and expand its applications, with U.S. companies leading the way toward new solutions.


Biogas is emerging as an effective and practical solution to environmental challenges, with U.S. companies demonstrating its viability and benefits. As more companies join this green revolution, the impact on emissions reduction, waste management and renewable energy production will be even greater, leading the way to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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