Why a natural pigment is such a good option?


Natural iron oxide pigments have, like those of synthetic origin, great stability against external elements such as UV radiation or temperature changes. This makes them excellent products to be used in applications such as construction, painting or in fertilizers.

Due to their high degree of micronization, these pigments have great tinting strength which, as well as their natural tones, provide a great final finish to the products.

MICRONOX R01, R02, BR16 and BK01 meet CE regulations in category B, performing as well as a pigment of synthetic origin. In addition, an exhaustive quality control under ISO 9001 guarantees that its color properties remain over time.

MICRONOX R01 and R02 are also reference products in anticorrosive paints due to the intrinsical structural properties of the mineral of origin.

Due to this natural origin, we can guarantee a magnificent performance / product cost ratio, price and supplying stability and a low impact on the carbon footprint of the final product.

In addition, all the energy used by PROMINDSA in its production process is obtained from 100% renewable sources. You can find the certificates related to both the carbon footprint of our products and the natural origin of the energy used in our processes in the “Downloads” section of our website .

In the image, we show you real samples of our natural pigments in 2% white cement.

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