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2023 is a very special year for PROMINDSA, due to it has been 50 years since the company was founded. .

For any company, it is a great achievement to reach this point and a reason to celebrate all that has been accomplished during the last five decades. PROMINDSA, throughout all this time, has been able to perdure and grow in an ever-changing market, and that is worth to be celebrated.

Our history began in 1973, when the Santa Rosa de Tierga mine, in business since 1913, began to be exploited by PROMINDSA. Also from that time, all the mineral extracted of the mine have been used in the production of inorganic pigments

From the beginning, our vision was to build a company that offered high-quality products and services and was committed to the needs of its customers. Over the years, the company has kept this vision and, since it joined to GRUPO MARCO in 2005, has expanded its business to more than 70 countries around the world.

As any other company, PROMINDSA has faced challenges and overcome a large number of obstacles, from strong competitors to successive economic crisis to a global pandemic, showing along the way its capacity to adapt and grow in any business environment at the same time that maintained its commitment to quality, innovation and customer service. According to this spirit of improvement and innovation, in 2016 a new line of business began with products for desulphurization in biogas and biomethaneproduction processes, which has grown exponentially since then to become a fundamental activity for the company.

Now, PROMINDSA begins its sixth decade in a year of evolution, in which we have broken our all-time sales record and new business opportunities have appeared. In addition, in this year 2023, and in response to the increasing demand from our customers, we have started some investments in order to making us stronger as a company.

At this point, it is important to remember and honor the company’s founders and early employees, who were an essential part of its success. It is also important to acknowledge and thank our current employees, who have kept and improve the company business, as well as our customers and partners, many of whom have trusted in us along these 50 years.

Thanks to all those who have been part of PROMINDSA’s history in these first 50 years and who have given us the strong to continue for the next 50.

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