Micronox Biox ON16 is a candidate for the innovation award of the first #gasrenewable exhibition


Biogas has to be purified as a previous and fundamental stage to be used in cogeneration engines, boilers or network injection. One of the polluting agents causing the most problems in these kind of processes, as well as to the final equipment , is hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

PROMINDSA has developed a totally natural product which is capable of eliminating hydrogen sulfide as soon as it is generated in biogas reactors. For this our research team have relied on bibliographic documentation, a deep analysis of the mining deposit and a continuous study of the properties of the material. The resulting product is having a great impact on both the national and international markets, becoming a real alternative to the traditional desulphurizing agents.

MICRONOX BIOX ON16 fits perfectly into the values of ecology and circular economy because it’s manufactured only by mechanical processes and 100% renewable energy. MICRONOX BIOX ON16 is also a commitment to safety. It’s packaged in closed bags, and its neutral pH and zero toxicity reduce the risk of workers, avoiding the handling of corrosive substances. This product is composed of a mixture of finely micronized iron oxides and oxy-hydroxides, this mixture is added directly in the anaerobic reactor or in one of its previous phases. Its high surface area and high affinity for hydrogen sulfide reduce the concentration of H2S from 2,000-10,000 ppm to 100-200 ppm .

The resulting product after the reaction is a mixture of FeS and S0 (elemental), totally inert, which becomes part of the digestate. This digestate can be applied too as a fertilizer in agriculture. In this way, the product life cycle is closed, begining on land and ending on land, providing solutions to important environmental problems such as the emission of SO2 into the atmosphere or the intensive use of inorganic fertilizers.

The versatility of the product has allowed us to reach customers with very different consumptions, substrates and reactors. Currently our main clients are wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), urban waste treatment plants and plants for the recovery of agricultural and livestock waste.

The United Nations Global Compact
Promindsa obtains the silver medal in sustainability from Ecovadis

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